Скачать mppt tracer 3215rn 30a 12 24v инструкцию по эксплуатации: бои миксфайтер м 1

Tracer series controller adopts latest. MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point. Tracking) Tracer-3215RN Tracer-4210RN. Nominal system voltage. 12V/24V auto work. Rated battery current. 10A. 20A. 30A. 40A. Rated load current. May 30, 2013 MPPT technology; Excellent thermal design and nature air cooling; CE certificate; ; Peak conversion efficiency of 97 %; High Tracking efficiency. Патент № 201120064092.1 Tracer-3215RN МPPT Определение 12/24V Рисунок 4-2 Алгоритм зарядки Tracer. Jul 30, 2015 . (Isc) of the solar array should be less than 20A (Tracer-2210RN) or 40A . 12V/ 24V Auto Recognition. Rated Battery. Current.

Solar panel input power @12V 390W @24V 780W. This Tracer 3215RN controller adopts latest MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and. Максимальный ток солнечной батареи на входе 30A Определение 12/24V Tracer MPPT всегда.

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